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Consistently in the world’s top four cheddars since its inception in 2005, Healey’s Farmhouse Cheddar has over the years garnered quality accolades worldwide for its cheddar cheese, aged anywhere from eight to 24 months. In 2006 Healey’s excelled at the coveted World Cheese Awards in London, bringing home Gold as well as Silver, and in 2009 it claimed Gold status at the World Cheese Canary Island Awards. More recently it churned out a Bronze medal at the 2011 World Cheese Awards.

Following the same traditional recipe of 150 years ago, Healey’s famous cheddar is made by hand with unpasteurized, free range Friesian milk and still matured with a muslin cloth in a natural cave like environment which encourages mould growth that enhances the flavour development over a period of time. These noble cheeses, which are clothed and greased to form a natural outer rind to harness its clean, full nutty flavour, contains no artificial colourants or preservatives.

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Our cheese is made with the best of unpasturized full cream milk, using 11 liters to make a 1 kg of mature cheddar. The hand made curds are pressed into traditional 10kg heads and 2.5kg truckles (little wheels) which are wrapped in muslin cloth, greased and placed on racks for maturation.

Our cheddar is matured for a minimum of 8 months, our cheese maker selects certain cheese which is matured for anything up to 2 years resulting in an exceptional cheddar.


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